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Patio Covers & Enclosures

Enjoy Your Deck. Protect Your investment.

Put a Callaway patio cover over your patio or deck and you add a room to your home! The space that was once too hot to enjoy may become your favorite place to relax!


Not only does a Callaway patio cover keep you cooler in the summer, but it offers you protection so you can still enjoy your deck during snow or rain!


Callaway's has been providing that relaxing area to Delmarva homes for over 60 years! Using only the finest materials from the top suppliers, such as Craftbuilt, Sunbrella, Aristocrat, and Crest Aluminum.. we offer quailty, service, and 3 generations of experience.


As well as giving your family and friends a cool, shaded place to enjoy, a patio cover gives protection to the home. Your home will be cooler with a Callaway patio cover, and look great too!


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Add a new room with Callaway

A screen room or enclosure will add a completely new area to your home. Turn your boring deck into a nice place to relax. With the options of a simple screen room, or a completely insulated room that can be kept warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Whatever your plans are, Callaway can build you the room to accomodate!
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